Blacksmith Devlog Day 34

– Animated the Golem which was lots of fun, came up with a voice for it as well. Also drew the art for Ultimo. Ultimo is, so far, the only thing in the game that is not drawn with charcoal, but in this case with a cheap biro (working on a voice for Ultimo as well).
– Added a couple more Mines dungeons to give players access to Silver and Gold. This should be interesting.
– General fixes and improvements that were on the ‘later’ list. I’m leaving some of them for tomorrow.

The concept for the Tengu demon.

– Drew the concept art for a Tengu demon, based on the existing Orcs. – Made the plan for the rest of the week to fill out all remaining holes in the core game. Either this week or next week, I will be building the story and cutscenes for the entire game. By the end of February, Blacksmith (The Iron Age) should be complete. I should be able to make progress on the Industrial Age before Early Access is even released.
– Outlined, again, the main story. This time with a few improvements.
– Maly and I are both really excited. We can’t believe we’re this close to finishing the game and putting it on sale. We’re having an amazing time in Tenerife. The weather isn’t great (not bad either for January) but our flat and the surroundings are so much better than what we could afford in London or Madrid. The food, the people, everything is superb. Living in paradise and working on Blacksmith.

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