Blacksmith Devlog Day 44

– Took a 3 day weekend. Really needed to take a break from the same pattern and let my mind relax. My friends got Dragonball FighterZ, so I’ve had to jump in on that. Also been playing Darkwood, a great game which is like Don’t Starve meets Silent Hill and it’s amazing how well it works.

– Back to work this Tuesday 30th of January. Before going ahead and implementing all the main story cutscenes, I need to finally do some testing. I want to make sure that all the new cutscenes I have are working properly, then I can go into the main story with more confidence.

– Implemented the scenes for unlocking the Wizard Tower.
– Started testing and I already have a list as tall as I am. I am absolutely thrilled that some of the more complicated things are working, such as having multiple Heroes in the same Dungeon.
– Completed the list.
– Played and made another list. Everything is mostly working now. More of the same tomorrow. This stage of the process, playing the game and fixing, really helps to build my confidence for proceeding with more content.

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