Blacksmith Devlog Day 45

– More playing and fixing. It’s going really well. There are obviously lots of little bugs and mistakes, but nothing too dense.- I’m amazed that the cutscenes are working for the most part and that having multiple party members with multiple abilities also works! It’s a little bit chaotic when you have 3 Heroes and 3 Enemies fighting on screen at once, but that’s great!

– I’m very glad I’ve arranged the workflow in this way. Once I see that one cutscene is working exactly as intended with minimal spaghetti code, I can use that as a perfect template for all future cutscenes like it. I feel like this is an incredibly efficient workflow. Very satisfying to iron everything out from the bottom up, like squeezing out a toothpaste tube to empty it; every time I solve a problem I solve several in the future, with momentum.

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