Blacksmith Devlog Day 47

– More of the same; playing, making a list and blasting through it. The most difficult thing today was sorting out how the deaths of heroes and enemies work. For example, if the second Enemy dies before the 1st or 3rd enemy (which is rare), the game should be able to deal with that. It’s difficult logic for me. The more of these complicated ones I get out of the way, the faster I can get through the game and call the Early Access version finished. Building momentum.
– Started the process of ordering a new PC! I need to confirm a few things with some savvy friends but then I think I’m going for it. Currently I’m using an old MacBook Pro which is really starting to show its age and overheats like crazy if I don’t use ice packs.
– Cleared the list so that I can have a fresh start of playing tomorrow. We’re going to re-evaluate our projected timeline on Monday, but assuming I get some good work in this weekend all should go ahead as planned.

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