Blacksmith Devlog Day 48

– More of the same, playing and bug fixing. A lot of the bugs I encounter are to do with how things persist between saving and loading.
– We were originally looking to announce the release date and start the process of uploading to Steam between tomorrow and Wednesday, but it’s looking like that might not happen. The cutscenes and general testing is taking a little longer to implement than I had thought. Also, our deadline with regards to earning money has been extended a little. We have more work to do and more time to do it in… However, if things continue as they are today, it should be perfectly possible to remain within our self imposed deadline and start the upload by Wednesday. We do not want to rush, but the game is very playable and we want people to play it. Especially for a game like this where there are many options, getting player data is incredibly important.

– Either way, today was another good day of development.

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