Blacksmith Devlog Day 49

– Smashed through another difficult list before having lunch and doing some of the even more difficult things. There is just one cutscene in particular so far that is very difficult to script because it has a lot of moving parts and different characters jumping in and out. It should be good training before doing the main story cutscenes, though I suspect those to be more simple than this one. Bloody Ninjas.
– Now to press play and see how far I get before seeing any more bugs. I’m working on each thing as it comes.
– Since the beginning of the project I’ve had a fair bit of trouble with making and calling variables in and out of the Start and Awake functions between scripts. For example today, a Client who sells the Heal spell is the only one who can sell the Heal spell. The Heal spell variable is determined in another script’s Awake function, and I was adding Heal to her list in the same. I know that the Start function is set to happen after the Awake function, but I still have trouble making it all work. I’ve been able to fix it mostly by doing a delayed start on some of them.

– It seems that I won’t be able to get a sufficient build up by this Wednesday. The plan right now is to continue as we are and it’s ready when it’s ready. We’ll see how far I am by then and re-think our deadlines. We’re not going to announce anything until we’re absolutely sure.

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