Blacksmith Devlog Day 50

– Lost a lot of time today messing around with Santander trying to make a purchase online. Terrible website, terrible service, terrible bank. Put me in a really bad mood.
– Redesigned the way saving and loading works for extraneous conditions (mainly for cutscenes) so that I can add cutscenes and content that people will be able to access without losing their save file. Should mean less fiddly programming work each time I make a new condition. I’m going to do what I can with my current save file before implementing it.
– Lots of progress in playing today and a huge list of things to fix, some dense, some simple. I need to fix the Trade for certain characters, there is a big problem with the way Durability effects the stats of weapons each time it updates, a few stats have been tweaked, and I’m adding a feature to be able to Heal Heroes outside of combat for a Coin cost. After fixing this list, I’ll be starting a fresh save file of the game.

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