Blacksmith Devlog Day 51

– Took a day off yesterday. Had to go to the bank and I needed one. Started the process of making a new account and cancelling with Santander.

– Smashed through the first big list of small fixes. Now for the small list of big fixes.
– Allowed the Wizard to start trading Catalysts.
– Allowed the Priestess to heal Heroes at the cost of Coin. I’m impressed at how fast I was able to create new Trades for the various Heroes.
– Implemented the new system for saving for Cutscenes and miscellaneous bools. This was a very labour intensive task. It made about 200 errors in the code, which each have to be carefully edited. Going from using bools to checking if a list contains a string. For example: “If (List Contains (CharacterScene1)) {do nothing} else {do the scene + List.Add (CharacterScene1)}. Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road music is seeing me through.

– Very productive day. Have a couple more difficult tasks on the list to start with tomorrow before moving on to implementing some of the main story cutscenes. Once all that’s done, I can get back to playing the game and fixing the bugs in all the cutscenes. We’re close to the home stretch for the Early Access release!

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