Blacksmith Devlog Day 55

– Made the Dragon! All animated and ready to go. Every time this is done the process becomes much more efficient, even with the more complicated Enemies.
– Finally fixed the attack speed problem. This took me a while to figure out, but essentially becoming better at programming over time and coming back to it was the solution. It’s much simpler now with much less room for error.
– Fixed a few problems with the Spider’s animation.
– Added the Dying Bucket Table and associated Dialogue, available to Build with the Mason.

– Now my list consists of adding the remaining story elements and making sure it all works as I know they ought to. There is a lot of more hardcore stuff on the ‘later’ list, which would be what we start working on once we’ve made this build and announced the Early Access release date.

– We run out of time/money before we have to get day jobs (teacher, receptionist) in about a month and a half. We want the game out by then so that we can continue working on it full time.

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