Blacksmith Devlog Day 57

– Sorted a Day/Night cycle for the lighting in the Tavern. The Tavern and the Forge are the only places players can be at night time (for now).
– Made the very first main story cutscene. This works in no way like the other cutscenes.
– Made the second main story cutscene. This one was really simple.
– Made a scene to introduce Tori, the Librarian (necessary for the 3rd main story scene.)
– Made the third main story cutscene. This one requires the player to have completed the first Dungeon after the Iron Mines, and then they speak to the Librarian.

– The main story then would follow with the Player finding an item in each of the Dungeons in the game. Then they would have to complete the story for at least 3 of the hero characters. Then finally they can continue with the Main Story with an epic showdown with the main villain in the mountains. All of this will be made in the first patch to be completed after announcing the release date and hopefully before the announced date.

– All that’s left now is to make sure it all works! Then I have until Monday (today is Friday) before my PC arrives when I’ll focus on making trailers and uploading the final build.

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