Blacksmith Devlog Day 60

– Killed my to-do list with deadly efficiency, like my ship killed bounties last night in Cosmoteer. Cosmoteer is another great indie game that is free for the moment from their website. I highly recommend checking that out. Intellectual and cathartic; a great combination. Put your specs on to make your ship and your warpaint on to watch it annihilate your opponent.
– Continued my game where I left off, cleaning things up as I go.
– Made another big list of things and split them up by priority. One of the main things I have to fix is the triggering for the cutscenes during the dungeons. At the moment, it asks that the character has to be in the first position but that’s a problem because the character in the first position takes all the damage from enemy attacks. That’s fine for progressing the story with a big character like Krush, but not so helpful with a ranged character like Candela.

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