Blacksmith Devlog Day 61

– Did the work of moving the project over to the PC. The main problem with this was trying to get it to work with MonoDevelop, just because I’m much more used to that programming environment than the default Visual Studio. Also I had a lot of trouble figuring out the keyboard. I’m using a Spanish Mac Keyboard on a PC which seems to be set to US English (even though I specifically set it to UK English). The worst part was finding the | key.

– Since I’m working with a new save on my PC I’m starting fresh and fixing some of the more fundamental and high workload items on the list. I could probably just copy import the save file from the mac but meh, it’s a good excuse to try out some of the new gameplay balancing and features.

– One very difficult but essential fix was making it so that the cutscenes would trigger in Dungeons even if the required Hero isn’t in the first position. The Hero in the first position takes the most damage, so it would be a bit difficult to complete the light armoured characters’ quests. This was difficult because I had to make sure that not two cutscenes would trigger at once, and each case seems to be quite different.

– I feel like the Apple key is much more useful than the Windows key, but maybe that’s just my muscle memory. Feels like finger gymnastics. I am loving Windows on the whole though.

– More fundamental fixes, including changing all the Clients starting gear from Stone to Copper. This way it’s less confusing and a little easier to obtain Copper in the early game.

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