Blacksmith Devlog Day 62

Forgot to do the Devlog yesterday, after I finished I got distracted by playing Vermintide with my friends on the Ps4. Also it was a pretty simple day making tedious fixes and playing the game. For example, today I started with adding a whole bunch of new colours/flowers to the dying table which was very tedious. Still it feels good to get it off the list.
– Made a new Dungeon to serve as a buffer between the early and mid-game Dungeons. It’s one straight from the idea box: the Bandit Camp. Balances acquisition of Tin and allows the player to train up a bit before attempting the more mid game. The player needs Iron Gear to fight Iron enemies, but I don’t want to demoralize them if they don’t get that straight away.
– Sorted out a few more Books for the Bookshelf and at least one for the Librarian to sell to test the feature.
– After fixing a bunch of more things and playing the game, I feel like I’ve finally caught up with the funky cutscenes that I’ve been needing to test. I’m very happy with how the game is shaping up.

– The cutscenes are buggy as hell, but I know I can fix them. Leaving that for tomorrow and getting ever closer to finishing. It is taking longer than I thought, but a lot of that is down to what I find acceptable for an Early Access release vs on how much time I have.

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