Blacksmith Devlog Day 64

– Had a really difficult and stressful puzzle to solve when all the characters in the game seemed to suddenly stop moving. Turned out it was to do with animation.
– Fixed a few more balancing issues.
– Got one of the more complicated cutscenes working smoothly. The problems I solved here will make it much easier to solve them in the other scenes.
– An extremely ****ing frustrating issue where in one of the dungeons, only half of the enemies would appear. I’ve had to be a serious detective today fixing some issues where I thought there were none. Solved now.

– Things are taking a little longer than expected, but a lot of games like this release in Early Access with no story at all. I want to at least finish the scenes I have started and get them working before making and uploading the first Early Access build.

– More balancing.
– Fixed another of the more complicated cutscenes.
– More fixes.

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