Blacksmith Devlog Day 77

– I killed a Dragon today! All the cutscenes are fixed and ready to go, including one very unique one. There is more to do to polish them up and I’d like to do that before release, but they are fully functional and I can move on to the next task.
– I did encounter a big problem with some of the spells. If I can’t fix it until release, I may remove the Wizards and Tower chunk of the game until the first update. Unfortunately that would make the store page a little dishonest, so I’m going to prioritize it.

– So I have a bunch of fixes to do tomorrow. On Friday I’ll be adding the Innkeeper Chat hints, which is mostly a bunch of ‘if’ statements (that’s after a nasty trip to the dentist!). Then over the weekend I think the game will be ripe for another testing for balance and polish and anything left on the list. Next week I have to focus on marketing.

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