Blacksmith Devlog Day 78

– Cleared my list of fixes in good time, so I’m moving some of tomorrow’s work to today.
– Fully equipped the Innkeeper to guide the Player on what to do next. It’s very nice working on such simple code in just one script! So that’s Friday’s work done as well… Better time management will come with experience.
– Had to remove what I thought was one of the most simple Hero Storylines. It involves one character facing off against  another several times, but they’re both available as Heroes. This has turned out to be really difficult to do, while I could write a much better storyline that is easier to implement. At least for now, I have other priorities.
– I’m ahead of schedule and so I will almost certainly be able to fix and include The Wizard Update ready for release. I still, however, want to think of it as the first Update, because I want to show and experiment with how updates for this game should work. Essentially I think one every two weeks, with a short video and announcement should do fine.
– Going to keep tomorrow’s list fairly empty so I can have some comfort recovery time after the dentist.

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