Blacksmith Devlog Day 82

– About 2 and a half weeks too late, we’re shifting into gears with writing to as many youtubers, streamers, curators and reviewers as we can. Fortunately a few have already written to us, and we see now that this is the best way for us to market our game. What I really want to see is user reviews, but official reviewers can hopefully help push things along a bit.

– Leaving the rest of that marketing push for tomorrow, as today I had to focus on fixing some more glaring and embarassing bugs that came up in what I saw of last night’s Stream. Then uploaded them hopefully before anyone else sees them!

– Had a very pleasurable time making the new Quench feature. There are pros and cons to including this feature. Pros: People expect to see it in a Smithing game, it makes the game slightly easier, adds another layer of tension and fun to the making of Gear. Cons: It’s messy from a game design perspective. Essentially it’s just asking for another step from the player, with a chance of breaking it if they push it too far. I’ll see what people say about it.

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