Blacksmith Devlog Day 97. Forge your Story!

– Took it easy for a couple of days after a horrible dentist visit. It was horrible, but the worst thing about it was that my laptop died. I have neither the heart nor the money to repair it, I just need to get the data from it. And, being a Mac, that means I have to have some special wire or go to a Mac store. I think it’s the wire which connects the hard drive to the mother board, seems to happen every year or so.

Played The Forest. I’m extremely impressed with this game. Ever since I played Minecraft and Don’t Starve and heard about the Skyrim survival mods, I have wanted to play a game exactly like this. I enjoy the challenge of only being able to hold a certain amount of meat or logs. Unlike in Skyrim, I have to think before swimming through a cold lake. The enemies are difficult and many, but I can hide from them and build structures from which to defend myself. And boat houses!? Yes please. It seems a very difficult game to progress in if you don’t like save scumming, but I’m in for the ride. I have plans for a huge fortress, and I’m not going into any caves without being armed to the teeth first. There are many bugs to be sure, for this indie game, but if I can look past them in Skyrim I can look past them in The Forest. Got a bit of Monster Hunter in as well, a game that keeps on giving, well worth the full price.

– Did the theory for reviewing the current state of Dungeons and Enemies. We’re going to be adding up to 3 in this Update and reviewing the difficulty and enemy gear in all the existing ones.
– Did the theory for adding a couple of new Enemies to go with the dungeons.
– Went to the mac store to get the data from my old laptop. Firstly I want to say to anyone who might be reading this, who’s thinking of buying a mac; don’t. Absolutely horrifically shoddy company with no ethics to boot. I need a Firewire, but of course not the firewire I have, but a different one, so I can launch my Mac on another computer and get just a few text files. Of course, not only does the shop that sells wires specifically, not sell it. Neither does the official Mac store here in Santa Cruz. I could have bought a thunderbolt cable, but of course that would cost way too much for a silly wire (over 75 euros). They didn’t even have one for me to use. So they send me to another store nearby, but of course because of Tenerife, the store is closed from 2-5 every day and on Friday, they simply close at 2pm. The whole ordeal set me back 3 hours back with no progress. So the lessons learnt today are ones I already know; anyone who thinks Mac is a decent company and decent computers, needs to be kept well away from cults and con artists because they are gullible and stupid.

– Taking the rest of the day off! Everything is well on schedule for the Update on the 10th of May. Back to the Forge proper tomorrow, after heading to the mac store to get a few text files because I have to find a specific wire that doesn’t exist or costs way too much for a bit of plastic. It’s quite simply extortion of stupid people and people like me who are stuck with Macs. I’m so glad I bought a Windows PC and will never look back.

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