Blacksmith Devlog Day 98. Forge your Story!

– So of course, the guy at the Mac store says they want 50 Euros just to plug in a Firewire and extract the data. Yep. I can go in and get the data straight away, but I would then have to pay them to fix it just to get the laptop back. Yep. Absolutely disgraceful company is Mac, that doesn’t care at all about their customers except to extract as much money from them as possible. This is a 3rd party mac store, but they have the stamp of approval and this is a Mac created problem. Instead I have to order the wire online, which will cost us and take up to 2 weeks or more because Tenerife. This one wire which nobody even has. If I had the same problem with a PC laptop, I would be able to go to the shop over the road, ask to borrow their screwdriver, and likely just order the part I need fixing the laptop completely or give it to almost any PC repair store to fix on the spot. Needless to say, now would be a very bad time to give me a Death Note book.
– Anyway, now I have to wait until the 12th-19th of May to get all my data back, which contains my precious To-do list and the scripts for a few short cutscenes. I’m going to have to re-write a lot of that and do what I can without my list.

– My friend was an absolute monster and bought the new God of War yesterday. Played the first few hours of it last night. So far the game is 100% cream of the crop AAA 10/10. I’m not sure there has ever been a game that has been so pixel perfect for every frame, rewarding and fun to play at every stage, with fantastic voice acting and dialogue. I’ll probably put a little review when I’ve finished it. This is what AAA games should be like.

– Programmed a few new Dungeons and Enemies, which is quite a lot of work. Also went through the existing scripts; fixing, tidying and balancing.
– Re-wrote my To-do list with regards to cutscenes for tomorrow.
– Made the locations for each Dungeon and applied the scripts.
– Fixed the day/night switch for the Mystical Forest.

– Rewrote the dialogue for the new scenes.

– Planned each day up until the update.

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