Blacksmith Devlog Day 115. Forge your Story!

– Pumping the anime music again today as I go forward with implementing the shop system. As I write the code, I’m getting flashbacks to when I was first making these structures. Mainly to do with managing Z depth, assembling Weapon sprites correctly and so on. It was definitely wise to leave this task until now, because it is actually pretty complicated. I’ve already laid a lot of the road work for what I’m doing now, otherwise it would be near impossible to comprehend the task.
– Fixed Sid’s dialogue and progression to reflect the changes.
– I believe I’ve made it work for Weapon Racks. Now to test them, as well as fixing the z depth for other items in the shop.
– Next thing is to copy the general idea of the Weapon Rack scripts and apply them over to the Mannequins and other types of racks. For tomorrow.

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