Blacksmith Devlog Day 116. Forge your Story!

– Started by playing through and testing the new feature so far. Lots of fixes to be done regarding the balancing of the Mines. Also some sneaky ones to do with saving and loading I have quite nailed down yet.
– Fixing a lot of bugs as I go and making this work.
– Turned out the saving thing was to do with not being able to save Vector3s and possible fixed partly by removing the ‘monobehaviour’ tag from the Weapon Rack save class. A whole lot of things need to happen only if something != null.
– I got it to work in the end. Now I have the programming experience to make instantiated objects remember many things between saves. This means that when I get to work on making the player’s shop, it should work just as well as in Sid’s shop. This feels like a big achievement.
– Everything seems to be getting fixed. A lot of work!
– Now to copy the same script for the other Displays and tie it all up in the Editor, then calling it a day.

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