Blacksmith Devlog Day 130. Forge your Story!

– Took a day off yesterday. I felt shitty about taking a day off, but I cleaned my room and slayed some dragons and I’m back with full force today. It’s very difficult to stay motivated when we’re not making a whole lot of money at the moment. Maly is working at a call center when we need her for marketing and refining the art. I’ve been working from home in the same spot and surviving only off the play time and input of people who have bought the game. It’s truly an honour that some complete strangers have played the game for more than 2 hours, let alone the people who have played for up to 50-90 hours. That is just an amazing feeling. A beautiful girlfriend and a bit of James Brown also helps. I really have no complaints, only I’m anticipating the next step in my life, either as a full time Game Developer or an English Teacher.

– Started today by bashing out another cutscene. Another reason these cutscenes ‘ain’t so bad’ is that they don’t have unscripted combat in them. Not yet anyway. I have some grand designs for the final battle with Ultimo.

– Next cutscenes were simple dialogues so very easy.

– Figured out a bug which was a bit of a conundrum before. To do with the meal bonuses being added and taken away. It’s difficult, because I have to isolate each incident of a Hero being removed from a dungeon without it ending and without them dying, and apply the removal of their meal buffs/debuffs. I think this only happens in cutscenes, so I had to find all the instances of Heroes being removed in the cutscenes and carefully remove their meal stats there. More chunks of code for the Cutscenes script. That also meant removing the previous workaround I was using.

– Fixed a bug that was troubling me about the Daily Report for the Miners. My bug detective hat is working well today.

– Shout out to Dave on Steam for playing, leaving a nice constructive review, and continuing to help me by playing the game more than I have time for, and reporting a lot of the bugs. That saves me a lot of time and has a direct effect on improving the game for Dave and everyone else. You have my Golden Heart, sir!

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