Blacksmith Devlog Day 135. Forge your Story!

-Had a bit of difficult time recently. I quit my favourite type of tobacco, causing me to lose sleep for 3 days straight. Going to London this month so I’m looking forward to that.
– Spend the late hours last night trying to figure out how to manage achievements. Steams information and ””””’step by step guide”””” on how to do this was infuriatingly inadequate. I think Steam is a great company and I am in no position to demand a comprehensive tutorial from them, but I think it shouldn’t take too long to write an actual step by step guide for the basics, because in the end it took 10 minutes to set up the environment once I understood what was going on. Pretty much gave me a nervous breakdown but that’s how I do.
– Figured it out in the end with a great tutorial on YouTube and some help from Maly (she at least knows what an API is). So today I programmed all of the achievements into the game. Just need the thumbnails then I’ll upload them and the latest build.

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