Blacksmith Devlog Day 137. Forge your Story!

– Struggling today with this cutscene. It’s very difficult for me, a novice programmer, to get things to happen the way I want them, let alone in a smooth and entertaining way. There’s so many lines of code that need to be added here and there to make it all happen. Honestly, I’m really looking forward to starting on the next game with an entirely new structure to make all of this a lot easier.
– Got there in the end, there’s still a few kinks but I will have to deal with them when I am in a more creative mood. For now I just want to get on with things and I can do a polishing run with my editor/director hat instead of my programmer’s hat.
– Tomorrow I’ll be moving on to the next scene. Going to plough on getting the basics of these scenes down before I do another polishing run and add the features that go with the new story content.

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