Blacksmith Devlog Day 138. Forge your Story!

– I’ve been pretty pre-occupied with what’s going on in Britain these days. As well as having a completely out of whack sleeping pattern that is messing with my work. Sometimes when you’re sleep deprived, distracted and melancholic, that can actually be the BEST time to work. Because then you can show yourself how far you can go. Getting back into it today with renewed force, with an attitude of ‘Ok, come at me bugs! Show me what you’ve got! Oh, Argument is out of range? Null reference exception? Heroes entering the shop in a prone position? IS THAT ALL YOU’VE GOT!!!???’
– Finished the cutscenes between the previous one and the next big one; the Siege of Ironwell. Just a dialogue and a simple Dungeon scene.
– I’d love to add more flavour to these scenes, but as I said in the previous devlog I’m mostly concerned with just getting the scenes done. Also, I think a whole lot will change once we can get some music down so I don’t want to put my editor’s hat on until we have that. For the moment, some of the difficult/unnecessary story points will be described through text, and actually animating those points will have to remain a stretch goal for the moment. We’re so close to ‘finishing’ the game, then I can get stuck in for some real tempering and quenching to bring up the production value.

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