Blacksmith Devlog Day 141. Forge your Story!

– Back from London, ready to go.
– Doing this particular cutscene feels like a real boss fight, using all the skills I’ve learnt up until now.
– Did the bulk of the programming for this difficult scene. It wasn’t so bad, but we’ll see when we get to testing it.

– Did some animation. I feel like I’m getting better at this. I did study 3d Animation and that’s helped a lot, but I would hardly call myself an animator.

– Made plans for the rest of the week so that, by Sunday, the first draft of Blacksmith should be complete. I’m going to try to finish the final scene so that there is a story to complete, then test the game from scratch with another round of bug fixing. That should be a complete game with beginning, middle and end and the Story 1.0 update. Next will be to figure out what to improve first and thinking about the run up to full release.

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