Blacksmith Devlog Day 142. Forge your Story!

– As I start to test today I get some errors to do with saving. Now I seem to have lost my save file so I’ll have to go back and start again. I could, of course, ask for a save file from one of the players or spend some time cheating one, but I think instead I’ll go through from the beginning and do another run of bug fixing. So instead of finishing the cutscene, the plan has changed to doing another playthrough before getting that far.
– Fixed a big one to do with meals and maxHP. I was having trouble making it work based on a percentage, because a couple characters have different MaxHP. I figured instead of doing some crazy spaghetti code, the problem is just as easily fixed by making it addition rather than multiplication. The result should be mostly the same and should work for this iteration of the game since Max HP levels are very tame.
– I managed to get through the game very quickly due to a lack of bugs as well as balance changes which make the game a bit quicker. Knowing the game like the back of my hand also roughly halves playtime I think. A few fixes I made as I went, a few more on the list for tomorrow.
– Tomorrow I’m going to do what I had planned to do over the weekend, but losing my save file caused me to change my plans. I’m going to fix all the bugs that have piled up, then test the huge cutscene I finished yesterday, then on to programming and testing the final scene. After that, a big deep breath before making plans for finishing the game over the next month.

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