Blacksmith Devlog Day 144. Forge your Story!

– Took a couple days off while Maly is still on holiday from her day job. Had a nice chill with some nice food, then yesterday went to a barbecue and did the rare thing of being sociable.
– Still playing through the game, correcting mistakes as I go. The game could be considered a little grindy, but if the player is diligent in equipping good pickaxes for the miners, they will do fine. I don’t know if this is something I should force feed the player or let them discover it for themselves. It’s this game’s equivalent of boosting XP based stats first when levelling a character in an RPG; most players know to do it and others will feel smart in discovering it. (Actually I ended up halving the HP of each Mine Node).
– Came across a lot of bugs to do with the Dwarf stories. Fixed them.
– Caught up with the super difficult scene which I’ll refer to as MS12 (Main Story 12). I think I’ll leave that for tomorrow while I finish fixing some of the more fiddly and annoying things. I feel very close to finishing the game. There are some major things I might change, for example the food system, but after those the game should be ready to leave Early Access.

– Added all the new art from Maly.

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