Blacksmith Devlog Day 145. Forge your Story!

– Started by doing something I’ve been putting off which is fixing a bunch of the scrolling dropdowns. It’s a really fiddly thing to fix and I’ve grown to really dislike fixing it, but the errors I know about are fixed. Now there is basically nothing between me and the final stages of the first draft of Blacksmith.
– Finally testing MS12, and to begin with bugs start at frame 1 which took me a good hour to solve. I don’t expect to finish this today since I didn’t sleep last night, but we’ll see if some endorphins kick in and make me do more.
– Made great progress with the scene. It’s going to need a fair bit of polish but it seems the difficult parts work. Need to add a few fades, camera movement, refining the timing of the animation etc. I’d also really like to have some music before I get deep into refining any of the cutscenes, but I’ll make it work for now. Should have it finished by tomorrow and then on to MS13, the final cutscene, which should be considerably easier except for some animation I want to do. Anyway, time to chill out and have a long sleep.

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