Blacksmith Devlog Day 147. Forge your Story!

– Mainly been waiting on getting the new assets before I get in deep with the final sequences. It’s all looking good though.
– Animated all the steps for the final blow delivered by the Blacksmith and the Player. Had a bit of a burst of inspiration and added a cool little thing to help boost the game’s climax. Programming it should be fairly smooth and then I can see it all in sequence.
– In other news, I got myself a day job teaching at a nice academy in La Laguna.
– I’ve also completed the programming for the final cutscene and will proceed to test the game and fix any issues brought up by the players. Once I get all the new assets I will put them in and then plan the next steps until leaving Early Access. No more devlogs for the moment but there will be a minor patch at some point in the next few days. Unless we get the music soon!

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