Blacksmith Update 12/09/18

Since the last devlog we have essentially been waiting for the music. I’ve started some hours in my day job of English teaching, tried out concepts for future games, updated Blacksmith with new art and a bonus character while we wait, and now finally getting started with the music. The latest update of Blacksmith included a new Hero as well as decorated Dungeons and other sprites. In other news I have just become an Uncle!

So tomorrow, with the birth of my nephew and the arrival of the music, the daily Devlog should be back on, starting with a day of programming the music. Today I got my hands on it and discussed it with the musician. There are a few notes but it’s enough to get started with and point us in the right direction. Very pleased.

What’s left between now and release? We need to finish and implement the music, add a few more decorations and iron out all the bugs. Then we will enter the polishing phase for UI, cutscenes and everything in between. After that we will probably announce a release date and start working on the first post-release update.

Also, we are very happy to have been invited to a prestigious bundle, which should help us to get the word out there. More news on that next month.

So… the forge of Ironwell is lit once again…

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