Blacksmith Devlog Day 153.

– Started by making a brief for the next musician. More on that soon I hope. It’s unfortunate to lose a musician so late into the production, and the music itself, but at this point I think this way will be faster and less stressful and possibly better.

– More work on the credit sequence. I still don’t know quite what the music will be like but I’m doing the basic programming to save myself some work in the future.
– A lot of the work here is positioning all the characters in the scene, then writing down each of those co-ordinates for each character for the credits sequence. Due to the complicated way the many pieces of each character come together, the z depth of each has to be calculated in game. This makes it difficult for me to pose them for photos. Doing this is not only good for the scene, but will be a great asset for promotional material.

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