About the Game

I’ve always been very interested in the idea of a shop keeping game, especially like a Blacksmith Shop. The idea of playing the guy who makes all the weapons for the characters. That kind of thing has been tried with some fun results, but I think they’ve mostly missed what made games like Stardew Valley great. What makes that game really special is everything that happens besides the farming. I want to explore the fellow craftsmen and women and how they build the town of Ironwell together.

I’m very proud of the crafting system which allows for countless unique weapons, armour and tools and a strategic combat system, but it’s not just about making and selling things, it’s about helping people reach their full potential and completing their unique quests. It’s about all the easter eggs and little cutscenesand the player’s decisions changing the world and the people around them. Also dungeons and fighting! Essentially, I want players to have the full experience of being a Master Blacksmith, feeling like a core part of the town and participating in an engaging story.

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About the Makers

Otis Miller:

I moved to Madrid from my hometown London in early 2015 and became an English teacher. It’s a great job. Before that I was a freelance video editor and amateur film maker. I come from a family of musicians and artists, but thatgene skipped me in favour of a gaming obsession. To say I am avid gamer is an understatement; I have spent an unhealthy amount of time playing video games. When I turned 30 in 2017, I finally decided to try my hand at making a game. Now I don’t know why I didn’t do it when I was 16 (it could be something to do with moving to Spain and finding a good woman).

Maly LaMala:

It’s been a real learning experience working on Blacksmith. I do the sprites and the website while Otis handles the rest. I’m a receptionist at the moment but I studied Art History and have always been creative.

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